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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thoughts= energy

Thoughts= energy that you broadcast to a target. picture  your mind a projector, your thought being a projectile. when 
you think it, that sets energy in motion. EXAMPLE: * John you are a good friend*  that thought is now set in motion as energy from me finding it's way through the universe to John. Along the way, collecting more positive energy like a magnet, snow balling per say. once it has found John, he feels this energy as love and return unknowing enjoying broadcast this large wave of positive energy directly back to me. again gathering even more positive energy making it's way back to me:) keep in mind that the same action and reaction happens with negative thoughts. not only are you hurting the one directed at , by the time it returns you have hurt your self ten times simple thought can very easily alter some ones whole life. make that thought, all thoughts, based on love! the more people that put out the wave of love, the faster our universe can repair from the negative ways we bestowed upon it. LIVING ONE VIBRATING ENERGY!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reflection of self

I have done my forgiving of all that has wronged my life including my self. Over the past two weeks i have researched the introduction to sacred geometry, i have watched many self improvement motivational videos. I have made many new friends who have been very inspiring. One thinks i am a bit off the wall;) IF HE ONLY KNEW! It truly has been a enlightening fourteen days. I have experienced symptoms from what i was told is a normal part of the process, mainly in my vision. Honestly in thirty six years worldly life i have never felt so at peace and love the way i am loving now. So i will continue this journey for the truth about oneness and as i develop a better consciousness with my own center, i will sure try to teach my children! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am on the right path!!!

I have started a journey to find this truth i have heard about recently!!! Join with me, or follow along...either way i will find the answers i need!!! keeping this short for now, their is much work and preparation and so Little time...